Learn the best massage at the BSA massage school here. That is more than a career

Massage is a branch of science. With a long history There is a textbook from India since the era of Buddha for the treatment of patients. Massage has been widely distributed to international level including india.

Massage and relief Can treat certain symptoms Make the massage continuously popular And found that there are many massage lovers Causing someone to want to be a Thai massage professional And many spa massages as well. Therefore, there are interested people who want to learn Thai massage And a little spa massage for a career Or open a business

That massage school or school There are many places. Which has techniques And different teaching courses If you are looking for a place to learn Thai massage and spa massage but still not sure where to study Because there are many places to study and cannot guarantee that Will teach well or not Or how is the teaching? The house leaf herb mint. Would like to be your other option

Learning the massage of the herb mint leaves Will focus on teaching and learning to be able to actually apply to work Easy to understand Have good teaching techniques By experienced teachers And professional Our White Parisii international massage school There are many courses to choose from. And complete the occupation Whether it is Thai massage, spa massage, foot massage and oil massage etc.

And also teaching in various styles It is very interesting, such as an Indian style massage. Is a science that focuses on migraine therapy Reduce tension Helps restore memory Is a skull base massage Pressing the lymph nodes to detoxify the points from the head, neck, shoulders, shoulders, stimulating the brain to clear the mood or massage with herbal compress to reduce stress. Eliminate exhaustion Brightens the mood and feeling. Helps to relax the texture, relax the tendons and tendons in the patient to relax. Not tense and uncomfortable Better blood circulation, reduced fat, high blood pressure, reduced to normal The uterus enters the garage faster the day. And create a balance for one’s own health etc.

Besides There is still a course on fire after giving birth to mothers. Pain Relief Massage Course Bali Massage Course Body Massage Course Hand Spa Course Foot Spa Facial Spa Course Facial Massage Course Slimming Massage Course Oil massage course, spa massage, hot stone massage course Foot Reflexology Course Sport Massage Course Thai Massage Course And the Swedish massage course

Massage in various courses These are interesting. And able to use as a career Due to various forms of massage Is in demand among many people And can also create a good income as well In addition, the house has herbs with good promotions. To support your many needs, including promotion to 3 massage courses, free 2 courses, 5 promotion courses and 1 free course. Great value matching promotion And many interesting promotions

 White Parisii massage school teach spa massages that are of standard quality and value guaranteed With a long-standing reputation and experience We are therefore confident that We will be a massage school that can respond to your needs directly and completely. Actually did Can learn true massage Can really do a career Taught by highly skilled teachers There are many courses to choose from.

Professional Course







The art of delivering soothing & relaxing experience in a demand’, and pressurised life style

Career Opportunity :On successful completion of course in Spa,. qualified candidate can become a Spa Therapist, Technical Trainer, Spa Manager or a Freelancer with Beauty/ Slimming Unils, Gyrns, Spas, Hotels or Health Resorts

Our Institute Diploma in Spa Therapy course provides finest level of learning in Spa Massages and Therapies. The course covers Western Therapies (Swedish Massage, Aroma Massage, Lomi Lomi Massage, Body Polish and Wrap, Oriental therapies (Reflexology, Thai massage , Balinese Massage) and additional subjects like Spa Manicure & Pedicure, Spa Facial and Spa Cuisine. The course curriculum ensures all round development of the candidate so that he/she can work efficiently across top Spa brands.

Diploma in Spa Therapies

The art of delivering soothing & relaxing experience in a demanding and pressurised life style

Duration: 72 hours Minimum Qualification: Class 8th Appeared Course Contents: introduction of Spa, Theory of Various Western, Indian (Ayurvedic) and Oriental Spa Treatments, Treatment Practical, Spa Decoration, Set up, Spa Etiquette, Spa Cuisine, Body Wraps, Spa Facials, Spa Manicure and Pedicure.