Doctors who perform cosmetic procedures point to a number of reasons why people preach “Don’t let anyone judge your appearance!” online yet still shell out money to change their own
1. More screen time
2. More acceptance
3. More affordability
4. More technological advances
5. More health benefits
6. More self-confidence

Tissue structure and integrity

A person’s body shape is determined by the size and shape of their skeleton, the amount of muscle they have, and the amount and distribution of subcutaneous fat. Subcutaneous fat is the layer of fat that sits immediately under your skin.

As well as subcutaneous fat, surrounding the whole of your body is a layer of soft tissue known as the superficial fascia. The superficial fascia is part of the connective tissue that helps maintain your body’s structure and integrity by supporting the bones, muscles and organs.

If a person’s soft tissues are damaged through illness or injury, it can have a significant impact on the structure and integrity of the tissues, as well as on their ability to function properly. For example, the superficial fascia helps to prevent infection by providing a second barrier after the skin. If the skin and fascia are damaged, it will make you more vulnerable to infection.

Plastic surgery is often used to treat skin damage after surgical procedures, such as debridement (where a wound is cleaned of foreign tissue and dead tissue is removed), burns injuries or injuries that cause disfigurement.

As well as reconstructing areas of damaged tissue, plastic surgery can be used to repair damaged skin or replace lost skin. To achieve this, a number of different skin transfer techniques can be used. Skin grafts are the most commonly used procedure.

A life-changing decision

There are many factors that need to be taken into consideration before you have cosmetic surgery. It’s important to understand why you want it and what your expectations are. At the same time, this surgery would be completely changing the lifestyle and appearance, and feelings.

As well as repairing the physical damage caused by injury and illness, reconstructive surgery can also improve a person’s confidence, self-esteem, and overall quality of life.


Congenital means a condition that is present at birth. The condition could be hereditary or develop during pregnancy.


Body tissue is made up of groups of cells that perform a specific job, such as protecting the body against infection, producing movement or storing fat.


  1. Boosts your self-confidence
  2. The feel-good feeling
  3. Physical health improvements
  4. 4Put off extra weight
  5. Door open for more opportunities
Laser Liposuction

Laser liposuction (lipoaspiration) is an operation to remove localized fat deposits. Wrinkles at the waist breeches on the hips, bulging tummy – this is a problem not only for many women but also for men. As a rule, problem areas cannot be dealt with either through diet or through regular exercise in the gym. The ideal solution is laser liposuction (“sculptural plastic”). It allows you to quickly and reliably remove body fat by:
• inner and outer thighs ;
• upper and lower abdomen, waist ;
• knees ;
• buttocks ;
• inner surfaces of the hands ;
• cheeks, chin, neck.


  • Laser liposuction (laser lipolysis) in Moscow is carried out in leading clinics and this is one of the most modern techniques. It is important what equipment is used for laser liposuction. In our clinic, we work with a QadroStarLipolaser.
Facial Plastic

plastic is a complex of surgical operations and cosmetological effects shown to patients in three cases:
The presence of congenital facial defects;
post-traumatic conditions;
the presence of signs of aging on the face
Let’s immediately abandon the common myth that all facial problems can be solved with one method and at a time. This is only possible if the patient is concerned with only one problem. For example – drooping eyelids or the shape of the nose. And everything else is 100 percent satisfied.

If we are talking about a complex effect, usually one method is not enough, an experienced surgeon uses modern methods in combination (simultaneous operations) to make his work more effective and the result longer.

Next, we will consider different methods of correcting aesthetic problems of the face, but we must also stop at debunking one myth.
Many patients have been going to cosmetologists for years, buying expensive hardware cosmetology procedures to solve problems such as tissue ptosis or excess body fat on the face. With all due respect to cosmetology as a medical industry, it cannot be admitted that these methods are effective in this case. And for one simple reason – no matter how the cosmetologists restore the quality of the skin, they simply have nowhere to put excess tissue.
And physiological processes are not the fruit of a fantasy novel, they cannot be reversed with all the desire. It follows that if there is excess tissue on the face, they must be excised. For practical people, we add that the cost of plastic surgery, which radically solves the problem, is quite comparable to the money spent on numerous hardware methods to combat ptosis!
The Beauty Doctor clinic presents all surgical methods for correcting aesthetic imperfections in the face area, and we will now tell you about them in detail. At the same time, let’s not forget that many of them are the most effective in combination.

Eyelid surgery (Blepharoplasty)
Fat-saving blepharoplasty in the clinic “WHITE PARISII TIE UP HOSPITAL”
Until recently, with such signs of aging as wrinkles and bags under the eyes, overhanging upper eyelids, surgeons fought simply: the eyelids were excised along natural folds, and excess skin was removed along with fatty tissue.
But since traditional blepharoplasty involves the removal of adipose tissue, the eyelid begins to tightly fit the orbit, and the eye “falls through” inward, an undesirable effect of the “operated eye” arises, and the bony outlines of the orbit are more clearly visible. Experts call this problem skeletonization.
It was this dissatisfaction with the postoperative results that gave impetus to the development of fat-saving blepharoplasty as a new technique for face plastic surgery.
Facelift (SMAS lifting)
Facelift is a very effective technique for face plastic surgery , which creates a new contour and a youthful oval of the face by removing excess skin, redistributing fat deposits and fixing muscles and the musculoaponeurotic layer (SMAS).

Laser face lift
The essence of laser lifting is that a laser fiber (the thinnest tube) is inserted through microscopic punctures under the skin , through which a laser beam of light passes, affecting the subcutaneous fat and the lower layers of the skin.
Cheek plastic (Chiklifting)
One of the reasons for the appearance of age-related changes in the facial area is that the tissues have practically nothing to hold onto the facial bones. And they slide down over time, creating a depression between the lower eyelid and the cheek (nasolacrimal groove) and folds between the wings of the nose and the corners of the mouth (nasolabial folds).
Neck lift
It is difficult to stop the aging of the neck with non-surgical methods, and not because they are hopelessly bad, but the structure of the subcutaneous muscles is such that it is impossible to change their tone, to stretch them so as to remove the wrinkled “accordion”, without excision.
Plastic nose (rhinoplasty)
Many patients come to the clinic for a consultation about nose tip rhinoplasty . They are not satisfied with the general pattern – the tip of the nose seems to be either long, or raised, or asymmetrically developed.

Breast Plastic
  1. Indications for breast plastic surgeryThe chest is a symbol of femininity. Therefore, imperfections related to the size, shape or symmetry of the mammary glands often lead to the fact that a woman does not feel attractive, sexy, even despite a beautiful face and a slender figure.
    Patients who come to our clinic for breast augmentation usually complain of the following aesthetic disadvantages:

    • naturally small breasts (size zero or one),
    • a tubular breast (a cone-shaped breast, not a hemisphere),
    • reduction and prolapse of the breast after pregnancy or lactation,
    • reduction in breast volume due to weight loss,
    • asymmetry of the breast,
    • syndrome of “empty bag”, in which the breast tissue is reduced, but its “shell” remains the same size.

    All these problems can be easily solved with  augmentation (augmentation) mammoplasty.  This is a breast augmentation operation using implants, which allow not only to increase the size of the bust, but also to give a beautiful shape.

    Selection of implants for breast augmentation

    The surgeons of our clinic use in their work the  best implants of the  leading American manufacturer – the Mentor company. Although there is a wide selection of implants from other manufacturers on the market, we prefer Mentor implants due to a number of important advantages:

    1. Absolute security. The textured surface of Mentor implants, made using the Siltex® technology, using the inprinting method ensures the stability of the implant in relation to the soft tissues of the breast, reduces the risk of complications (rotation of the implant, capsular contracture), excludes the rupture of the implant, as well as the penetration of anything into the structure of the endoprosthesis from the outside , and from the inside.
    2. Absolute naturalness. The unique Memory Gel © -gel used for filling the implants, patented by Mentor and having the property of “shape memory”, provides extreme softness, stability of the shape of the implant itself and prevents the gel from flowing out, even in the event of a rupture of the implant shell. The concave base ensures maximum conformity of the implant shape to the soft tissues of the breast. Implants are not palpable due to the smooth edges.
    3. Perfect shape. Mentor has the broadest matrix of sizes and styles of implants to date to correct the shape and size of mammary glands. This allows the surgeon to select an implant that is ideal for each individual patient, based on the width of her chest, interthoracic distance, desired size, shape of the mammary glands, as well as other important anatomical parameters. Thanks to this, we create an individual and unique bust for each patient.
    4. Minimum cut length. Due to the extreme softness of Mentor implants, the surgeon can use the shortest incision length to insert the implant. In addition, for breast augmentation, our surgeons use the author’s ultra-thin suture technique. As a result, after a while the  seam becomes completely invisible .
    5. Lifetime warranty. Mentor takes care of its patients with a Lifetime Breast Implant Warranty.

    Breast Augmentation Progress

    Depending on the access, the duration of the operation is from 1.5 to 2.5 hours.
    There are three classic types of incisions for augmentation mammoplasty:

    • on the border of the areola (periareolar),
    • in the fold under the breast (submammary),
    • in the armpit (transaxillary).

    There are different indications for the use of each type of incision, which are determined by the plastic surgeon. But with any type of access, the use of the author’s ultrathin suture technique allows you to keep the surgical intervention a secret.
    The use of high-resolution optical devices, careful matching of tissues and the imposition of internal sutures with a thread thinner than a human hair is the “signature style” of our surgeons when performing breast augmentation operations. It is enough to look at the photos of our work in the “Photoresults” section to make sure of the ideal quality of the seams,  completely invisible to the prying eye!

    Will the implant be palpable?

    The answer is NO: the surgeons of our clinic use a submuscular implant placement technique, in which it is placed not under the soft tissue of the mammary gland, but under the dense and elastic tissue of the pectoralis major muscle. This not only ensures a firm fixation of the implant, but also leads to the fact that the  implant cannot be felt by touch.  So no one in the world, except you and the surgeon, will know about the operation!

    This operation is performed under intravenous anesthesia (sedation) in combination with local anesthesia. With this type of anesthesia, the  patient wakes up immediately after the operation , and, if desired, can go home in the evening of the same day.

    In some cases, augmentation mammoplasty is performed in conjunction with mastopexy (breast lift).

    Possible complications

    After augmentation mammoplasty, a number of aesthetic defects may appear (the so-called double bubble, or “double bubble”, implant displacement, “ripple”, contouring of implants and some others). Our clinic is often visited by girls who have experienced similar problems after mammoplasty performed in various clinics in Moscow and other cities. Therefore, the surgeons at BeautyDoctor have accumulated significant experience in correcting aesthetic imperfections. But the main thing is that experienced surgeons know how to avoid such risks!

    An important factor for the prevention of aesthetic defects is the use of high-quality implants and the correct operation technique: correct selection of the size and shape of the implant, a correctly formed implant bed and its reliable fixation. When these conditions are met,  there is practically no risk of aesthetic complications.

    One of the complications of augmentation mammoplasty is capsular contracture. Capsule – formation of connective tissue around the implant; it is the body’s natural reaction to a foreign body. With capsular contracture, the capsule thickens, the chest becomes hard and painful. The cause of this complication can be both an individual peculiarity and a surgeon’s mistake. Fortunately, the professionalism of the doctor is an excellent insurance against such a complication, and modern implants are designed in such a way that the risks are minimized.

    To reduce the likelihood of the formation of extensive hematomas, shorten the rehabilitation period and reduce the risk of capsular contracture, the surgeons of the Beauty Doctor clinic use drains, which are removed the next day after the operation. For more than 15 years of surgical practice,  none of the patients of our surgeons had a capsular contracture .

    Postoperative period

    As a rule, the period of stay in the hospital does not exceed one day. In case of some discomfort, pain relievers are prescribed. At first, it is necessary to wear a compression bra, as well as to regularly change the bandages (2-3 times a week). Approximately 8-9 days after the operation, it is recommended to remove the stitches.


Body Plastic

Body plastic
Modern plastic surgery practically leaves no chances for a bad figure: if you wish, you can make correction of most parts of the body in accordance with the patient’s aesthetic ideas.
Body shaping is a change in the contours of the body, its proportions and weight with the help of physical activity, diets, cosmetic procedures and plastic surgeries.
Plastic surgeries are considered the fastest and most effective in the above list, but body shaping cannot be limited to surgery alone: it is possible and necessary to prepare for the operation and maintain its results in the future with the help of diets, physical activity and cosmetic procedures.
An individual preparation regimen for body shaping surgeries will be selected by the doctor at the first consultation. At the Beauty Doctor clinic, you can make an appointment with a plastic surgeon or find out more by phone.
Fat deposits in the abdominal area are often formed in the form of an “apron”, which must be hidden under fluffy robes.
Not everyone suits it, not everyone likes it.
In cases where the patient is worried about the sagging belly, which cannot be removed by diet or exercise, plastic surgeons recommend abdominoplasty.
In abdominoplasty, during the operation, fatty tissue is removed, excess skin is cut off, and a flat stomach and a new navel are formed from the remaining skin flap.
Plastic surgeons of the Beauty Doctor clinic use the author’s technique of applying microsurgical sutures, which are hardly noticeable on the skin.
Hip plasty
Lush female hips are good if they do not violate the proportions of the figure and do not cause problems for their owner. Many women suffer from scuffs on the inside of the thighs and also get upset when they see the “ears” on the outside. You can’t wear a tight dress or trousers!
In this case, body shaping is to create a new hip pattern, remove unnecessary things, align the contours, make them smooth and harmonious.
Laser liposuction is a low-traumatic and safe way to correct the thigh line both from the inside and from the outside.
In this case, punctures in the skin through which the intervention is carried out will be practically invisible in the future.
Shin plastics
Beautiful legs are not only slim, but also the shape of the lower leg, harmoniously developed calf muscles. However, due to physiological characteristics, they can be asymmetrical or undeveloped. In such cases, figure correction, that is, harmonization of the overall silhouette, can be started with cruroplasty – contour plasty of the soft tissues of the lower leg with implants.
Buttocks plastic
Naturally beautiful buttocks are a rarity. Many patients are unhappy with their shape. And often the trouble is not that the buttocks are too big, but that they are too flat or saggy.
This is exactly the case when the proportionality of the figure can be recreated using, in some cases, contour plastics or lipofilling – to correct the depressions on the buttocks, in others – special implants to create beautiful shapes, in the third – an operative lifting to eliminate sagging.
These body shaping methods are called gluteoplasty, that is, an operation to improve the shape of the buttocks.
Step-by-step body shaping
There is no limit to perfection. Every woman and many of the male patients, having decided to correct one flaw in the figure, after the operation think about continuing. And this is a normal phenomenon, because when such opportunities open up, it is a pity not to use them. The first result, visibly confirming that it is possible to improve your figure with the help of plastic surgery on some of the problem areas, stimulates the planning of further changes.
There are patients in the Beauty Doctor clinic who, having set a goal for themselves, systematically went to her for several years, having done two or even three body shaping surgeries. Their stories can be read on the clinic’s website.