WHITE PARISII Advance International Medical Tourism Travel connects individuals to affordable, world-class care in cosmetic surgery, PLASTIC SURGERY, BEAUTY SPA therapy, and anti-aging therapies offered by their carefully selected network of clinics that all meet exacting international accreditation standards ASIA, EUROPE, UAE, RUSSIA, USA

Inbound Medical Tourism refers to tourists of outside origin entering a particular country. When people travel outside their host/native country to another country for medical purposes, then it is called inbound medical tourism for that country.
Outbound Medical Tourism refers to tourists traveling from the country of their origin to another country. When medical tourists travel a foreign region then it is outbound tourism for his/her own country.

Our Services
Medical Assistant

We have established professional relationships with key hospitals and expert doctors to ensure.


Visa Assistant

Provide us with the necessary documents and our medical tourism will take care of the rest.


Hotel Bookings

Choose from our recommended hotels, that suit your needs.


Translation Service

Translation of all your medical and legal documents can be provided by our Arabic/German and English speaking team members


Tour Guide

Medical Tourism experienced tour guides are at your disposal to show you the most significant sights of each city.


Flight Tickets

Our world travel specialist will select for you the most reasonable airline and airfare to your city of choice if requested.